Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cairns unemployment stats update

Detailed ABS unemployment data released this morning shows a big turnaround with the ‘official’ unemployment rate for FNQ falling from 13.8% to 8.1%. Again the action is all in male employment stats. Would have to expect greater data volatility and statistical error I guess in smaller regional samples relative to national data, obviously in the real world unemployment hasn't fluctuated that wildly within a month and perhaps last months was overstated? More detail on the population benchmark for the data would be of some interest.

However some of these stats reverse not just last month but some months prior. Points to note in the data:

1) A substantial increase in the total number employed back to levels last seen earlier in the year (Feb & April).

2) A sharp fall in the measured unemployment rate especially male unemployment.

3) However, an offsetting slump in the male participation rate ie people left the workforce, gave up or didn’t bother to look for work.

My techie attempts to embed a new google spreadsheet have been an abysmal failure however the monthly employment stats for FNQ since 2007 compiled from ABS data have been updated down at Far North Unemployment Debacle ......

Update: Reporting and commentary on Cairns unemployment and commentary in the Compost and the Weekend Oz.

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